The Only Thing Worse Than The Death of a Campaign

This is a hard update to write, and I didn’t know if I was ever going to write it at all. On Monday 18th May 2020, my partner Sian James died unexpectedly. For those who read this blog, Sian played an integral part of the campaign, which was essentially designed to give her the ability to learn about roleplaying and gaming in a simple way. She played characters like Elanna and Sunblayze, adding her quirks to these characters and making them her own.

The shock of her passing hit me hard, and forced many unexpected changes in my life, including a move back to my flat in Dagenham. However, her passing didn’t just change my real life, but also brought our campaign to a complete standstill. We were in the middle of a major encounter with a tribe of orcs when Sian last played a few days before hand. It feels wrong, somehow, to even attempt to continue the encounter with her gone, let alone continue the campaign.

I know Sian wouldn’t want me and Ouro to stop gaming, and since Sian’s passing, Ouro has kindly been running an experimental western game using our own designed system based in his Blaze of Silver world of Dethen. I won’t be covering this game here, and I don’t know if I will be running another game any time soon, let alone updating this site.

Rest In Peace
Miss Sian Rhiannon James
Friend, Partner, Gamer.

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