Out on the Town

Although the Vale was created for the Silver Anniversary Fast Play products Wrath of the Minotaur and Eye of the Wyvern, this wouldn’t be the only time the Vale would be used in a product. Alongside these these products, the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Game was released, as a slightly more complete introduction to AD&D.

This product would return to the Vale for three further adventures set in and around Haven. This town would continue to serve as the home base for the PCs, where they rest between their adventures, as well as get services and training.

With the extra space in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Game, Haven actually gets some love in the setting, as the town is mapped and described, allowing the PCs to finally interact with the inhabitants of the town.

Whilst the adventures are still quite simple, with the first having the players start at the entrance to the dungeon, rather than requiring the party to make the journey there, the new town map allows the first two adventures to be related to the town itself. It easy to see the PCs explore the tunnels underneath the Watchtower and exploring the Black Isle, when you can see these places on the map.

What this means is that there’s now a map of the town of Haven, and this will come in useful as we explore the Vale, not just in these adventures, but also in later ones from the Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Game released for 3rd edition.

For now though, I am just going to share the map of the village of Haven here, so that everyone can see the home base for our PCs.


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