Enter the Wyvern – Eye of the Wyvern: Session 4

Strange times, being in lock down in the UK amid the COVID-19 epidemic. With myself, Sian, and Ouro all free because of the lock down, we took the time to hold an extra session to finish of the Eye of the Wyvern. It was a bit of luck that we did, because shortly after an issue with my PC monitor means that I was unable to run a game last Thursday, and left me without a decent PC for the best part of a week. I really hate not having a decent, working computer, but enough about my woes. It’s time to get into those of the PCs…

We left the party having just defeated the goblin shaman in the ruins of an old temple. There, the party faced off against goblins and wyvernlings, including the shaman’s pet, and discovered a map along with some very useful items – elixirs of health and scrolls of protection from poison. The map showed the falls and the temple marked out, as well as a cave marked out further up the trail.

Heading up the trail, the party soon found themselves heading up a narrow ravine. At the far end, a landslide had revealed an opening in the side where a glint of red shone in the setting sun. As the party approached, the sun’s final rays hit the red object, and the form of a wyvernling started to form in front of it. The party had found the source of the beasts plaguing the farmers of Wyvern Falls – an artefact that they would soon discover to be the Eye of the Wyvern.

Peregrine and Sunblaze decided to advance along the sides of the ravine to approach the glittering gem, covered by Darkblade and Niles. As they approach, the wyvernling solidified, and prepared to attack the party.

Unfortunately, the party were so focused on trying to reach the wyvernling and the gem, that they were surprised when a mighty wyvern, who had been using the cave as a lair, returned over the mountain ridge. With a roar, the wyvern pounced into the middle of the party.

Darkblade was closest to the beast, and was hard pressed to defend himself against it’s claws. Worse was the wyvern’s tail, as it’s stinger struck home, and injected a deadly poison into Darkblade’s heart, stopping it dead. Darkblade slumped down, out of the fight.

Luckily for Darkblade, both Peregrine and Niles used the scrolls of protection against poison, and advanced on the wyvern. Protected, the wyvern’s poison was no longer a threat, but it’s stinger and claws were still  a deadly threat, as was revealed when the wyvern savaged Niles, taking him down from the fight. During this time, Peregrine managed to revive Darkblade with the last of his healing abilities. However, this left Peregrine unable to heal himself when the Wyvern finally managed to tear through the Paladin’s plate mail armour and take him down.

Behind the Wyvern, Sunblaze struggled to fend off the wyvernling. She was isolated and alone, as the other three party members struggled with the Wyvern. It would take all of her energy to defeat the small beast, dispatching it with her blade. After a quick breather, Sunblayze decided to charge the Wyvern. The beast retaliated, stinging the elf, and immediately stopping her heart.

Even as Sunblaze went down, her sacrifice proved to be the heroic distraction that Darkblade needed, for he managed to strike the beast with a mighty blow, forcing it to flee it’s lair. With that, Darkblade managed to revive Sunblayze with the last of his potion of healing. Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done for Peregrine and Niles.

Having defeated and driven off their foes, Darkblade and Sunblayze destroyed the Eye of the Wyvern, deciding that it was too dangerous to leave the gem intact. They took Niles’ bag of holding, to store the loot they had discovered in the cave – a treasure trove of coins and gems, along with several magical weapons. Once they packed everything they could, they started on the long and awkward journey back to Wyvern Falls with the bodies of their two deceased comrades.

Back at Wyvern Falls, Darkblade and Sunblayze were welcomed as heroes. There was a subdued celebration, when an emissary of the Patriarch paid tribute to the heroes. The heroic sacrifices of Niles and Peregrine were noted, before the emissary revealed that she had been authourised by the Patriarch to raise any fallen members of the party from the dead.

The following morning, the emissary raised the two fallen adventurers. Although weakened, the party decided to make the journey back to Haven, where they met up with Elanna, Thaddeus, Thordar, and Michifer in the inn, who had returned from a successful expedition to the Tomb of Alaxus.

Reunited once again, the party would take some time to recover, awaiting for their next adventures. Who knows what the future will bring for our brave heroes?

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