Ambushed! – Eye of the Wyvern Session 2

GMing can be hard, and stressful, at times. This week’s session was one of those times. Having left the adventure on a cliffhanger, everyone was riding high and looking to get into a fight with some wyvernlings in the barn at “Bobbie’s” farm.

The encounter itself was fairly easy. There were four wyvernlings in the barn. Two were at the end of the barn attacking the cows, who were mooing noisily to attract the heroes. The other two where hidden in the hayloft that surrounded the walls of the barn, waiting by the doors to ambush any heroes that entered.

The Distressing Doors

Naturally, the heroes wanted to open the doors, and after rolling initiative, Sian went first with Peregrine. Because of the ambush, I wanted to make sure that I knew where Peregrine was when the doors were opened. Unfortunately, Sian wasn’t very clear on her intentions, and got frustrated as she tried to explain to me what she wanted to do. Ouro got frustrated as well, and they were both demanding me to just “open the damn door.” As things got heated, said no and downed tools, taking ten minutes out to cool off.

Turns out that what Sian wanted Peregrine to do was to open the double doors, stepping backwards so that the door was between Peregrine and the barn. This provided cover to Peregrine, and allowed the others to see into, and possibly enter, the barn. However, this wasn’t what she was saying to me, and I was unable to see how Peregrine was trying to open the door AND see inside the barn himself.

Resuming Normal Service

Anyways, after cooling off, and a bit more explaining from Sian to clarify what she wanted Peregrine to do, we got back into the encounter. The heroes cautiously approached the barn, standing in the doorway and taking the wyvernlings by the cows with ranged weapons.

The wyvernlings displayed their rudimentary cunning – instead of mindlessly charging the heroes in the doorway, the two wyvernlings by the cows used the pillars supporting the hayloft as cover to approach the party, preventing ranged attacks from the doorway. Meanwhile, the two wyvernlings up in the hayloft held still, and waited to a more opportune time to spring their trap.

The Wyvernlings Strike

The heroes slowly entered the barn, and also used cover from pillars supporting the hayloft to try and attack the wyvernlings from range. However, in doing this, they had to split up and move away from the doorway and under the hayloft. It was only after Sunblayze and Peregrine had moved under the hayloft that Darkblade managed to spot the wyverns up above, moments before they sprung their ambush.

Darkblade shouted a warning and attacked one of the wyverns in the hayloft with his longbow. This warning was enough to give Peregrine time to turn around before the wyvernlings sprung their trap and left down behind him. This effectively split the party, and melee was joined.

The combat was swift and brutal from there, and soon all four wyvernlings had been dispatched by sword and bow. Somehow, the heroes had managed to make it through relatively unscathed.

The Heroes Victorious

With the excitement over, the farmers shouted their approval and held an impromptu celebration at “Bobbie’s” farm, where the party was invited to stay the night. Old John told the party to prepare, as they would be heading into the mountains and exploring beyond the falls, to find out where the creatures were coming from. In addition, Murri suggested that the party take the supplies he had brought to Wyvern Falls, giving them two potions of healing and three elixirs of health. He then got out his sock puppet theatre and proceeded to tell the heroic tale of Murri the Mighty Wyvern Slayer, who had taught the heroes all they needed to know in order to defeat the “beasties in the barn.”

Yet Another Cliffhanger

The following day, the party set off, climbing the falls and following the river beyond. It was hard going, and the party didn’t make much headway into the mountains, but as evening approached and the sun set, the party heard a strange gutteral chanting ahead.

Here is where the session ended, providing yet another cliffhanger to resolve. Could this be the final battle –  the cause of the wyvernling attack?

Session Debriefing

I would like to note that after the session, Ouro spoke to me about the issues within the session. He said that he thought that I was being a jerk, and that I was making a joke by not opening the door. I explained my reasoning, and stated that I do not appreciate being called a jerk. We both put it down to miscommunication in the end, but Ouro’s feedback was useful in a way.

Turns out that Ouro had been expecting an ambush, and he said that my concerns about party placement opening the door due to the wyvernling ambush was unfounded. He said that I should have just kept the game going, and let any misplacement happen. I noted that my concern is largely down to my reputation as a “murder GM” – one that is entirely unwarranted in most cases, especially since none of the PCs have actually died yet.

In Reflection

Personally, it’s not nice to have a session breakdown like this one did, but I am glad that I was able to take a break and cool off, before returning. I am not sure that I would have returned, if Sian hadn’t asked me to. I was tempted to end the session and restart the following week. It’s not often that the pressure of being a GM gets to me, to the point that I want to end the session, but I got to that point this week.

Still, looking back at it, having been able to cool off, and afterwards, putting it down to miscommunication, what else should I expect from three autistic gamers? But that’s what makes the game fun, and we will all get better with time. Plus, there were no hard feelings following the session. That’s one thing I will praise our group for – we are all able to speak openly about how we feel, even when we annoy each other or get frustrated, without bearing any grudges. That, I think, is what makes our group strong in the end.

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