The Minotaur Mage – Wrath of the Minotaur Session 6

Finally, after six sessions, the party of Elanna, Thaddeus, Michifer, and Thordar successfully defeated Alaxus, the Minotaur Mage, and returned to Haven. Here’s how it went down…

The party finished their rest in the lair of the Kobold Lord, having recovered a strange silver key that looked identical to the silver key around the neck of Alaxus the Minotaur Mage shown in the various painted murals the party had discovered thus far.

They had two ways to go, so the party headed north. They suspected a certain symmetry to the dungeon, and were correct when they entered a room beyond the now seemingly inevitable “Corridor of the Wooden Door”, as the standardised 10-foot wide, 30-foot long corridors were now being called.

The room was empty besides several piles of leaves an debris. The party surmised that this must have come from outside, so this must be their means of escaping the dungeon. They took the decision to bravely close the door and deal with this room later – they had a Minotaur Mage to hunt!

This left one way to progress, and whilst the corridor was the same as the others, the door at the end wasn’t. Instead of a wooden door, there stood two slabs of solid obsidian. Unsurprisingly, they were locked, but surprisingly, once opened with the silver key, the heavy stone slabs were easy to move on hinges that seemed to withstood the time that the rest of the dungeon hadn’t.

Beyond, the final battle seemed to await – four minotaur zombies blocked a dias in the middle of the room. As the party entered, the the lid of the stone sarcophagus on the dais slid aside, and a minotaur in green robes stepped out. Alaxus was alive, and had been transformed in to a one of the minotaurs he was renowned for.

With a final warning from Alaxus, battle was joined. Elanna took the lead and charged one of the minotaur zombies, cleaving it in twain with a single blow. Turns out that they weren’t as tough as they looked.

Alaxus, on the ohter hand, was a different story, and after the minotaur mage cast shield on himself, rendering him immune to magic missiles and harder to hit in ranged combat, Thaddeus decided to show what he was capable of. With a bit of maneuvering, Thaddeus unleashed the lightning bolt from his scroll, directly at Alaxus. The lightning bolt caused grievous damage to the minotaur mage, and frying one of the minotaur zombies in the process.

Thordar and Michifer took care of the remaining minotaur zombies, as Alaxus used his own enlarge spell to increase his already impressive size. Elanna didn’t hesitate, and charged the mage, harrassing him and his spellcasting. This proved deadly effective, and Elanna was able to cut down the mage where he stood as he attempted to unleash another spell.

The combat was quick and brutal, and so was the looting. Behind the dias, piles of treasure amassed by Alaxus sat in unlocked wooden chests. There were coins and gems a plenty, enough to completely fill the few sacks the party had brought with them. But not all the treasure was monetary, because there were also stacks of tomes filled with valuable lore, which the party knew the Patriarch would appreciate.

After the battle, the party left the room, locking the obsidian doors behind them. This would preserve the remaining tomes within, and they headed back to what they suspected was the way out. The piles of leaves were quickly torched with flaming oil once it was discovered that they were infested with angry giant centipedes, but this was only a minor delay, as the party made their journey back to Haven.

The patriarch was happy to meet them, learn of their adventures, and rewarded them for their treasures. He offered the party his services for identifying the items they found, at his usual rate, but with over 10,000 gold brought back from the Tomb of Alaxus, the party had no qualms in paying this.

As the session ended, all that was heard heard was a subtle coughing from the Patriarch, muttering something about a customary 10 percent tithe to the church. After all, they could afford it now. Plus, the Patriarch had provided the party with extra potions of healing for returning the remains of the fallen warrior from the Church of the Holy Defender, and they aren’t cheap to make, you know…

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