Pop Goes the Weasel – Wrath of the Minotaur Session 5

The fun and games continued this session, as the party dived right in and continued to explore Alaxus’ Tomb. Their first surprise was a real doozie – the corridor leading further into the tomb caved in behind them. Once the dust had settled, several feet of rock had settled in their path to freedom. Not that this bothered the party much, as there surely had to be another way out. Not even I, as a notorious “Murder GM” would be THAT mean…

So, with little choice, the party pressed on, and they discovered the fallen body of a warrior from the Church of the Holy Defender – at least, that’s what was hinted at by the plate armour and the sunburst design on the shield nearby. No weapon was to be found though.

Elanna decided to don the plate armour, turning her Armour Class into a formidable 21. That means that for the majority of the opponents in the dungeon, I was looking at natural 20s to hit. Michifer opted to take the shield, boosting the cleric’s AC to 21 as well, simply because Thordar wanted to keep using his Greataxe in combat.

Body looted, the party picked a door – south was as good a direction as any. Alas, this led straight to the encounter with the kobold leader. This was supposed to be a tough fight, as the kobold leader had gotten hold of the fallen warrior’s magical broadsword. Aside the kobold leader stood eight other kobolds, and the most fearsome of the combatants – two giant weasels. The kobold leader saw the PCs and yelled “Kill them!”

With that, battle was joined. With the highest armour classes, both Elanna and Michifer waded into battle. They stood just inside the doorway. Apparently, they had misheard the kobold leader, because they decided that what he had cried was “Kill me!” They duly obliged, ignoring all the other opponents in the room.

As all the other combatants in the room, including the weasels, required natural 20s to hit, the party were confident that none of the creatures could hit them. Turn after turn, they attacked and failed to hit, “chewing on Elanna’s boot” as Sian began to say, as her armour seemed impenetrable. Michifer was not so lucky, as a weasel scored a nat 20 and found the chink in the armour, dealing enough damage to take Michifer down in one go.

The party was concerned, because with their cleric down, their healing potential was essentially wiped out. They had no other form of healing, and would have to rely on what they could find as they sought a way out of Alaxus’ Tomb.

Luckily for them, the combat was mostly over, and the party mopped up the remaining creatures, including the two weasels, which the party discovered weren’t the one-hit wimps the kobolds were. Michifer was barely holding on, and the party searched the room for their salvation. They found it in the form of a potion of healing that contained TWO doses. Enough to get Michifer back on his feet.

The party decided to rest, despite Ouro’s objections. Ouro was concerned about the party resting after ever encounter, but I assured him that as long it was only after every significant encounter, they would be okay. After all, wasn’t Michifer nearly dying a significant encounter? With this, and it being the end of the session, Ouro agreed to rest, and had Michifer heal Thordar with his cure light wounds spell. Thordar had been at half health since the kobold archers had nearly killed him, so Ouro breathed a sigh of relief – the party was almost fully healed and ready to continue trying to find a way out. Or deal with Alaxus, whom the party clearly decided was a lich…

(Spoiler: I played the encounter by the book, but when Michifer went down, the party saw my benevolent side. The kobold leader had a potion of healing in his treasures. I decided that it would seem kind of pointless for the party to go through the fight, only to have to use their only alternative source of healing to restore Michifer. So, to avoid the sense of crushing despair, I elected to give the potion an additional dose. That way, they could restore Michifer, who had gone down primarily due to bad luck, and still have a dose remaining, which they would no doubt probably end up using in the final combat…)

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    1. Actually, Ouro, given that the kobolds are small, the diagonal sneak of the kobold was perfectly justified. As for the attack of opportunity, that was because Thaddeus was going to use a ranged attack whilst in melee, and therefore didn’t apply to the melee fighting kobold…

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