Lesson Learned? Wrath of the Minotaur – Session 4

Following the pointed lesson with the kobold archers in the last session, we kicked off this session in the middle of combat. The door to the room had been closed, giving the party time to reconsider their options.

Sian favoured running in and engaging the archers with Elanna, whilst using Thaddeus to provide some fire support, with actual fire from flaming oil.

Ouro, however, suggested a somewhat sneakier option: that the party noisily withdraw back to the previous room, as if they were running away, and then hide, so as to try and lure the kobolds out and maybe even trick them into splitting up by trying to encircle them.

Ouro’s plan seemed to be based on tactical knowledge he assumed the kobolds would follow, based on the limited knowledge that they had of the dungeon. Ouro didn’t know that the passage to the west, which they assumed led to the first chamber, was actually blocked off by a cave in – the party hadn’t bothered to check that route before heading south and encountering the gelatinous cube.

Sian once again deferred to Ouro’s somewhat flawed judgement, and so the party fled back to the previous room, put out their light. Elanna took the option to use herĀ potion of healing to restore some of her health, as she felt that she needed it if the plan was to end up failing.

The kobolds fired at the door once again. this time eleven arrows hit the closed door. But then there was some yipping (kobold language that nobody in the party understands), as the kobolds debated among themselves about what to do next. They weren’t going to split up, as Ouro anticipated, as there was nowhere else for them to go – they knew the corridor to the first chamber was blocked by a cave in. But neither did they want to give up their tactical advantage just yet. So, they argued among themselves before sending one of their remaining number to go open the door and check things out.

Alas, several members of their party totally botched their stealth rolls, meaning that the kobold sent to look out the door had spotted them. Unfortunately for the kobolds, by hiding behind the door, the party had almost total cover and thus the kobolds couldn’t get a line of sight to attack them with ranged attacks without entering the corridor and approaching the room.

Thus, this is what the kobolds did, as they all rushed down the corridor to get a better shot at the party. Once they were confined in the tight space of the corridor, Thaddeus took the opportunity to step out from his hiding place and hurl a flask of flaming oil right into the middle of the kobolds. Two were killed outright by the flames, and another two took damage, although they managed not to be set alight. Most importantly though, the fire filled the centre of the corridor, dividing the kobolds in two.

Those at the rear fled back into the room, and readied their bows for any incoming onslaught, unable to fire through the flames, and unwilling to risk death charging through it. For now, they were out of the combat until the fire died out.

Those at the front had little choice but to move forwards and try to fight their way through the party in front of them. Two held the front line, dropping their shortbows for shortswords, whilst the two behind the readied their ranged weapons, willing to fire through their comrades, if neccessary. All four were slaughtered in a few rounds, with Elanna easily cleaving the kobolds up with copious overkill from her greatsword.

The party used the time whilst the fire in the corridor burnt itself out, to loot the bodies of the kobolds they had slain previously in the narrow tunnel, hoping to recover some form of healing, Alas, all they found was some gold coins, and a dead scorpion.

When the flames had died down, the party returned to the room where they first encountered the kobolds. They had three more of the creatures to face off against. Two held their shortbows ready to fire, whilst the third watched the doorway for the party’s approach.

This time, there was no hesitation, as Elanna moved down the corridor and attacked the kobold with a fury that saw him slain with a certain sense of grace and brutality. With the numbers now in their favour, Thordar took the opportunity to charge down the corridor and attack one of the kobold archers, dispatching the creature just as swiftly, with the kobold’s arrows missing the oncoming dwarf. It was all but over the following round, when Elanna moved up and finished the final kobold.

Exhausted, the party recovered and looted the bodies looking for more healing. Unfortunately, there was no healing to be found, as all these kobolds seemed to hold what amounted to 100 gold pieces, and a metal ring on a chain that one kobold at the back wore around his neck. The crude scribbling inside of it added to the sense of mystery it possessed, so the party pocketed it with the rest of their loot.

The party wanted to rest, but this room didin’t seem like a suitably safe place to do so, and their curiousity was peaked. Thordar checked the room, and the doors, and opened the west door first. Ouro had wondered why his plan to split the party hadn’t worked as he had hoped, but upon finding that the corridor was caved in, was satisifed that the kobolds had nowhere else to go. Time for another door, and this time they chose north, sensing a certain amount of symmetry to this tomb.

The way north led to another corridor ending in a wooden door, with the only difference to previous non-collapsed corridors is that someone or something had scrawled a red cross on the door in dried blood.

Wary, the party opened the door and found the room contained four treasure chests. Three were unopened, but the fourth was opened and a big scorch mark surrounded the chest. Thordar examined the chest and noted that whilst it seemed empty, a sliding panel in the lid concealed a small ring. Thordar pocketed it, and moved on to the other chests.

All three of the remaining chests were closed with latches, but unlocked. Somewhat curious, Thordar looked for traps, but Thaddeus stopped the dwarf as he was about to lift the latch, pointing out that their was some sort of sticky residue underneath them all. Thaddeus realised this could be a sort of flammable material, like that of alchemists fire, which could combust explosively when the latch was opened.

Warily, the party stepped back. If the scorch marks on the floor surrounding the open chest was anything to go by, the party would be caught in the blast if any such explosives went off whilst they were next to the chest, but they would be safely out of reach if they were further away. With that Thordar reached for his trusty trap-finding stick, preparing to try and flip the latches from afar.

Unfortunately, the dwarf wasn’t suited to such work, and Elanna took the stick and proceeded to deftly flip each latch open. In quick succession, the material under each of the latches combusted and exploded into a flaming ball before dissipating just as quickly, leaving the contents of each chest intact. Thordar examined all the chests thoroughly, and found that each chest contained 200 gold coins, but were otherwise empty.

With only one door into the room, the party realised that this was an ideal place to rest and recover. Michifer and Thaddeus refreshed their spells, and the party recovered a little health, ready for further adventures on the morrow…

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