Enter the Gungeon – Escape From Zanzer’s Dungeon Session 7

First up, an apology for anyone following this blog. Personal issues have means that I have been unable to update either this blog, or the game that it is based on. As it stands, this is going to be a very brief summary of Session 7, which took place over a month ago.

The party, which consisted of Pike, Dent, Fura, and Nuggin, decided to progress further into the dungeon. They continued down the passageway, until they came to a couple of doors opposite an opening in the wall. Creeping closer, the party discovered that the opening led to a chamber where six dwarves were chained to a conveyor belt breaking up rocks, watched over by two ogres.

Dent proposed a cunning plan – they could set up an ambush in the passage and lure the two ogres into a fight between Dent and Pike. Pike readily agreed, and they moved into position. Both Dent and Pike took potshots at the ogres and lured them into the trap, before mowing them down, to the cheers of the dwarves.

Upon releasing the dwarves, the party agreed to follow them to the exit, ready to escape Zanzer’s Dungeon at last. However, around the corner, they found another junction, which opened into a similar room with a conveyor belt, although this time, the room was abandoned and covered in dust and cobwebs.

In the centre of the room, Dent spotted something shiny, and throwing caution to the wind, he rushed over to grab it. As he bent over to pick up the object, he felt something sticky drop on him from the ceiling, followed by an intense burning. Looking in horror, the party realised they had encountered some sort of green slime, which had dropped on Dent.

Dent panicked, and the party struggled to get rid of the slime as it ate through his armour and clothes. In the end, whilst feeling totally unprepared to take on this green slime, they managed to burn the substance off Dent, although in doing so, he was left naked and embarrased, but the hardest blow was that Dent had also lost all his precious “shinies”.

Disheartened, the rest of the party took a shaken Dent back to where the others were camped, naked except for some of the toughened conveyor belt fabric wrapped around him to preserve what was left of his dignity.

In the confusion with the green slime, the released Dwarves had fled, heading further into the darkness of the complex. Without their guidance, the party would have to find their own way out of the dungeon, but at least Dent was still alive…

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