Armed and Armoured – Escape From Zanzer’s Dungeon Part 2

Last week, I announced my new schedule for D-Jumper posts. I would be posting twice a week, with one post coming out on a Wednesday just before we played the next session, and one post on Friday detailing the planning I had done for the previous session. This works for me, because I write these posts well enough in advance that even though my planning session is released on a Friday, it is uploaded and ready for use in time for the Wednesday session.

With that note, it’s time to recap on what happened in our second session of the campaign, where we covered Escape From Zanzer’s Dungeon Part 2. The planning for this appeared in the Touch of Class post.

So how did it go? In short, it went well. We stuck to the plan so well, that there’s no real need for me to write a long post here going over everything that was already discussed in the planning post. Instead, I can get away with providing you with a quick update regarding the decisions that the players made, in what was an unsurprisingly linear session.

One key factor to note – there were no deaths at this point. Axel is still with the party, so I get to use Axel as an example of what decisions the players need to make for their characters. With this in mind, our players elected not to swap out any characters for those in the stable, and as such, they are still undeveloped blanks slates for use in future sessions.

Assigning Classes

The first scene was to assign classes to the player characters and Axel. As stated, Axel chose to become a fighter, which meant that he got a full range of weapon and armour proficiencies throughout the session.

Ouro had already chosen what classes he wanted to play with Dent and Hector, and has assigned his ability scores accordingly. Therefore, he had no problems with choosing to make Dent a rogue, and Hector a cleric.

Sian had slightly more issues though. She had chosen for Pike to be a fighter, based on the description and assigned her stats accordingly. But Carok was a harder choice. In the end, having previously assigned Carok’s Wisdom score as 18, she opted to make Carok a cleric, in a similar style to that of Hector. This wasn’t a bad option, but seemed a little bit inconsistent with Carok’s background as a delivery boy.

That mean after this brief interlude, our party consisted of one fighter, two clerics, and one rogue, all assisted by Axel who was another fighter. It’s worth noting here that even though fighters are supposed to be front line combatants, because I didn’t want Axel to outshine the PCs, I opted to keep him as a back line combatant, who served more to get PCs out of danger than risk his own skin.

Armoured Guards

After choosing classes, we progressed with the adventure some more. In the last session they had come across a pile of armour, which contained enough armour for everyone to choose a suit of leather armour or chainmail armour.

It was time to put the character’s classes to the test, as each class other than the Fighter would force restrictions on what sort of armour they could take. In reality, this restriction only applied to Dent, who as a rogue was limited to only wearing light armour, and therefore could only choose to wear the leather armour.

Everyone else chose to take the chainmail armour, which was considered medium armour, and therefore wearable by fighters and clerics.

Having chosen their armour, it was time to assign the armour class of each character, as follows:

  • Carok: AC = 10 + 5 (Chainmail Armour) + 1 (Dexterity Modifier) = 16.
  • Dent: AC = 10 + 2 (Leather Armour) + 4 (Dexterity Modifier) = 16.
  • Hector: AC = 10 + 5 (Chainmail Armour) + 0 (Dexterity Modifier) = 15.
  • Pike: AC = 10 + 5 (Chainmail Armour) + 2 (Dexterity Modifier) = 17.
  • Axel: AC = 10 + 5 (Chainmail Armour) + 0 (Dexterity Modifier) = 15.

Choosing armour was actually more eventful than the follow up combat, where the players got to put their new armour class to the test against a group of hobgoblins who entered the room.

Melee Weapons

The PCs entered the next room, where they came across several racks of melee weapons. It was here that we started discussing the melee weapon proficiencies for various classes, as well as other limitations, thus informing their decisions on weapon choices form the available selection.

They chose weapons as follows, and then calculated damage by adding their Strength modifier to attack and damage rolls:

  • Carok: Warhammer (+0 martial melee attack, 1d8+0 bludgeoning damage).
  • Dent: Shortsword (+1 martial melee attack, 1d6+1 piercing damage).
  • Hector: Mace (-1 simple melee attack, 1d6-1 bludgeoning damage).
  • Pike: Halberd (+4 martial melee attack, 1d10+4 slashing damage).
  • Axel: Longsword (+2 martial melee attack, 1d8+2 slashing damage).

Sian decided to have Pike take a weapon suited to her namesake, turning her into a veritable powehouse as the party’s main combatant. This turned out to be surprisingly effective as she tore through the next combat encounters. Dent was used as a secondary fighter by Ouro.

Combined with the tight confines of the room, the party handily dispatched a group of gnolls that walked in to fight them with hardly a scratch on them.

Ranged Weapons

In the next room, the party comes across an archery target range and a rack of ranged weapons. There was further discussion on ranged weapon proficiencies before they got to choose ranged weapons for PCs, as follows:

  • Carok: Sling (+1 simple ranged attack, 1d4 bludgeoning damage).
  • Dent: Shortbow (+4 martial ranged attack, 1d6 piercing damage).
  • Hector: Sling (+0 simple ranged attack, 1d4 bludgeoning damage).
  • Pike: Longbow (+2 martial ranged attack, 1d8 piercing damage).
  • Axel: Longbow (+0 martial ranged attack, 1d8 piercing damage).

Following my decision to play Axel as a backline fighter, upon picking up a longbow, he was finally able to play a part in combat, as he could still stand back and make ranged attacks somewhat effectively.

Upon leaving the room and entering the long corridor, they encounters some orcs and a goblin. Although this was supposed to be a ranged focused combat to test their new ranged weapons, Pike decided to focus on their melee attacks for this combat, quickly closing the distance to finish off her foes.

Plan Followed?

The linear nature of the adventure so far meant that the adventure plan was followed almost perfectly. Although the combats were still easy at this point, largely due to the mish-mash of rules being used at this point, the laid back approach to the adventure at this point was still greatly appreciated by all.

I look forward to increasing the complexity of both the game and the encounters in the upcoming sessions.

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