What a Result

So, having put everything together according to my plan, including finalising the details for my first session last week, how did it all work out?

Well, I usually write these articles a week or so in advance, so I haven’t actually played our first session yet, but I can look back over what we have covered in our four steps to gaming success.

Following the Formula

Firstly, we have set up the details of our game, including logistical concerns such as when we are playing and how we are running the game, so barring any major issues, we should have played our first session by the time you are reading this article.

One of the key points we decided at this stage was that we would be using Roll20 to actually play the game, and this means that I will have to block out time to sort out the additional assets I need, such as tokens and maps. Luckily for me, Google Images is fantastic for this, as I can easily find all the images I need and cannot create myself – much like I do when finding artwork for this blog. The more effort that I put into this, the better the overall experience will be for everyone.

In the second step, we planned the basics of the campaign, noting that we would focus on a relatively generic, easy to learn campaign. In fact, I decided that the focus of the campaign would be Haven Vale from the Fast Play series of entry-level AD&D games, and other starter sets would be integrated into this campaign using and inside-out design approach.

Ironically, however, I decided that our first adventure wouldn’t be from the Fast Play series, but rather Zanzer’s Dungeon from the Black Box “Easy to Master” Dungeons and Dragon’s Boxed Set. A little minor rework of the adventure was needed to integrate it better into the campaign, but the adventure itself could be used largely as written, and this was covered in our third step, were we planned the adventure itself.

The fourth and final step saw us focus on the details of the first session itself, where we see our newly imprisoned amnesiac adventurers awaken in Zanzer’s Dungeon, and begin the first steps to their adventuring careers, just as our players take their first steps into this introductory campaign to refresh our skills with Dungeons and Dragons.

So, all in all, the four steps have been a success in regards to planning, and hopefully by the time you read this, we will have had a successful first session under our belts.

Into the Future

As for the future? Well, I have further sessions in Zanzer’s Dungeon to prepare, and since the first half of the adventure serves as a tutorial for both the dungeon master and the players into how to design, run, and play a Dungeons and Dragons game, there’s definite potential for a series on adapting the lessons of this adventure into a series on developing the mechanics we will be using for our own d20 homebrew system.

I will also consider whether or not I will share my notes on here, along with session write ups for the future of this game. Right now, these articles are scheduled for release a few days behind the actual sessions, even though they are technically written at least a week in advance, so I might need to juggle the system I am using a bit to make that work.

But as a teaser, and a potential spoiler for my players, I will share something that I worked on in preparation for the first session – a map of Zanzer’s Dungeon that I created in Dungeonographer by Inkwell Ideas. It’s the same layout as the poster map in the boxed set, obviously, but in a format more suitable for Roll20.

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